Australian electrician looking into working in Norway for a whileAustralian electrician looking into working in Norway for a while

Australian electrician looking into working in Norway for a while


Hello dear forum.
Australian sparky here.
I'm considering moving to Norway. For a year or two by my current plans. But maybe permanent.
What are the requirements in norway to be able to practice my craft there? Do I need to convert my aussie licence to a norwegian one?

I am a fully licenced electrician in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. With 15 years experience.
Any courses you could recommend to get familiar with norwegian codes and regulations?

Re: Australian electrician looking into working...


Re: Australian electrician looking into working...

Work as electrician in Norway?

To work as an electrician in Norway you must have a DSB approval.

What DSB does is to assess your education and practice from your home country. That is, you can continue your education as an electrician in Norway.

To apply for DSB approval, go here for more information:

It is important that you have scanned the documentation they request before going to the link below. A Pdf with education, a Pdf with practice, a Pdf with Passport, etcetera.

How to apply:

Upload your application and documentation on DSB

When you have received an approval from DSB, the following will be required that you must document in order to work as an electrician in Norway.

This approval requires that you perform work in accordance with your education and your practical experience. You must be employed by an enterprise that is registered in Elvirksomhetsregisteret. (The Norwegian register of enterprises that design, install and maintain electrical installations and equipment).

The enterprise must have employed at least one person who has the professional responsibility for work related to electrical installations, performed by the company.

You have a commitment to learn Norwegian regulations concerning electrical installations in Norway and regulations on operation of electrical installations and first aid training (fse).

Trainor Elsikkerhet can help you with these courses:

Safety regulations related to the maintenance and operation of electrical installations - FSE

Technical regulations: FEL og NEK 400:2018 Electrical low voltage installations

We have other courses that you may also need, depending on which industry you are working in.





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