Practical fire extinguishing

This training gives participants practical competence in using various methods for extinguishing fire.

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Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
42 16. Out 2020 Tønsberg Norwegian 5 790,-
47 20. Nov 2020 Tønsberg Norwegian 10 790,-

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Course information

Course name: Practical fire extinguishing
Duration: 1 hours
Price: NOK 790,-
Language: Norwegian English


The participant must master basic extinguishing skills for dealing with small-scale fires that can develop when carrying out hot work. The particpant will aquire these skills based on:
●   knowledge of various methods of fire extinguishing and types of extinguishing equipment
●   knowledge of routines and actions in the event of a fire
●   practical extinguishing experience

Target group:

All involved in hot work.

Course subjects:

●   Fire extinguishing methods
●   Extinguishers and their use
●   Extinguishing techniques

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