High voltage installations – Additional skills for Electro-technical Officers (STCW 2010)

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Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
45 02-10. Nov 2020 Tønsberg Norwegian 5 38 000,-
11 15-23. Mar 2021 Tønsberg Norwegian 6 39 100,-
23 07-15. Jun 2021 Tønsberg Norwegian 6 39 100,-
38 20-28. Set 2021 Tønsberg Norwegian 6 39 100,-

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Course information

Course name: High voltage installations – Additional skills for Electro-technical Officers (STCW 2010)
Duration: 9 days
Price: NOK 38 000,-
Language: Norwegian


On successfully completing and passing the course, participants will have received the necessary training described in the training update requirements for Electro-technical Officers as stipulated in the Qualification regulations for seafarers, 22 December 2011, no. 1523.

Appendix IV of the regulations, STCW table A-III/6 and A III/7 – Upgrades for electro-technical officers, electrical and electronic installations and control installations at operative and support levels.

The supplementary training meets the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s qualification requirements.

Target group:

Electro-technical Officers

Course subjects:

●   First aid for electrical injuries
●   Practical cardiopulmonary exercises
●   Power electronics (Power converters)
●   Structure of electric power grids/high voltage:
●   Switch types, distribution boards and equipment
●   High-voltage cables
●   Technical safety barriers and risk assessment
●   Electrical hazards
●   Protective equipment and clothing
●   Safety Supervisor and Switching Supervisor (high voltages)
●   Practical exercises
●   Using voltage testers and earthing equipment
●   Planning and preparing switching orders
●   General maintenance/testing
●   High-voltage measuring techniques
●   Structure of high-voltage cables for use in maritime installations
●   Cable termination techniques
●   High-voltage cable splicing
●   Contact materials and tools
●   Practical exercises in the high-voltage lab


Preliminary requirements
Two months prior to the start of the course, participants receive access to the e-learning courses “FSE Ship: low-voltage and high-voltage” and “ FSE Ship: exercises (STCW 2010)”. Participants also receive an email containing exercises they must solve (approx. 10 hours work). The completed exercises must be returned at least 7 days prior to the start of the course, and the solutions approved by Trainor.

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