Ex basic refresher

When you are working with electrical installations in hazardous areas you must regulary refresh your knowledge. In this course you get the updates you need.

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Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
35 25. Ago 2020 Trondheim Norwegian 6 5 600,-
35 25. Ago 2020 Webinar Norwegian 13 5 600,-
38 15. Set 2020 Bergen Norwegian 0 5 600,-
40 29. Set 2020 Tønsberg Norwegian 13 5 600,-
42 13. Out 2020 Stavanger Norwegian 1 5 600,-
42 13. Out 2020 Webinar Norwegian 15 5 600,-
44 27. Out 2020 Bergen Norwegian 8 5 600,-
45 03. Nov 2020 Tønsberg Norwegian 4 5 600,-
47 17. Nov 2020 Bergen Norwegian 5 5 600,-
48 24. Nov 2020 Webinar Norwegian 14 5 600,-
51 15. Dez 2020 Stavanger Norwegian 7 5 600,-

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Course information

Course name: Ex basic refresher
Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 5 600,-
Language: Norwegian English

The authorities set as a requirement that you should be updated on the professional development within the disciplines you perform work. In this course, the participants theoretical knowledge about Ex equipment and installations in explosive hazardous areas will be updated, so that the work with such facilities can be carried out in a safe and professional manner according to current requirements.


After completion of the training, the participant should have updated his theoretical knowledge about requirements for electrical equipment and installations in explosive hazardous areas.

The course provides a general rehearsal of essential topics from the basic education, and a review of professional changes that have been carried out in the field of study in recent years. Participants should also know which regulations and standards apply to electrical equipment and installations in explosive hazardous areas, and the latest changes in these.

Target group:

Electro and instrument tehnicians and engineers and other personnel, who works in, or designs electrical installations for use in, explosive hazardous areas, and needs an update of their competency according to current regulations.

Course subjects:

●   Ex philosophy
●   Ex types of protection
●   Ex marking - ATEX and IEC/CENELEC
●   Ex installation requirements - EN 60079-14 (NEK420), IEC 61892-7 and NORSOK
●   Current regulations and standards
●   Requirement changes in regulations and standards


This course requires that you have completed an extensive Ex basic training program, and it is recommended that it is maximum 5 years since such training or refresher course was last completed.


According to guidelines from Norwegain Oil and Gas (059) and IFEA's (NFEA) literature list the course should be updated at least every five years.

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