Ex 009 Designing electrical installations - Preparatory course

This is a preparatory course for the examination in IECEx Unit Ex 009. 

Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
22 27. Mai 2020 Tønsberg English 11 5 400,-

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Course information

Course name: Ex 009 Designing electrical installations - Preparatory course
Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 5 400,-
Language: Norwegian English Korean

IECEx CoPC is an international scheme for the certification of personnel associated with design, installation, operation and inspection in Ex areas.

NB: If you intend to take the certification exam, you must reserve a place on Unit Ex 009 - Design electrical installations - certification.


This course is designed to brush-up knowledge and skills and give participants the best possible preparation for the examination Ex 009 Designing electrical installations.

Target group:

Electrical engineers and automation engineers and other planning personnel wishing to prepare for the exam Ex 009 Designing electrical installations.

Course subjects:

The course is based on the competence requirements described in OD 504 with particular emphasis on the IEC 60079-14 norm. It is intended as a preparatory course covering topics in IECEx certification for:

Module 009 Designing electrical installations
●   Revision Ex 001
●   Selecting Ex equipment
●   Selecting cable entries
●   Understanding data sheets
●   Understanding zone maps

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