Electro-contractor examination – exam preparation course

Are you planning on taking an electrical contractor licence? Our preparatory course covers the necessary theory and detailed follow-up providing you with the best possible preparation.

Because of Covid-19 classroom courses might have fewer seats than normal. Sign up for a waiting list and we will set up more courses where needed.
Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
2 11-14. Jan 2021 Gardermoen Norwegian 12 14 900,-
3 18-21. Jan 2021 Trondheim Norwegian 14 14 900,-
4 25-28. Jan 2021 Gardermoen Norwegian 14 14 900,-
5 01-04. Fev 2021 Bergen Norwegian 15 14 900,-
5 02-12. Fev 2021 Webinar Norwegian 16 14 900,-
7 15-18. Fev 2021 Stavanger Norwegian 16 14 900,-
7 15-18. Fev 2021 Tønsberg Norwegian 16 14 900,-
32 09-12. Ago 2021 Gardermoen Norwegian 16 14 900,-
33 16-19. Ago 2021 Bergen Norwegian 16 14 900,-
34 23-26. Ago 2021 Trondheim Norwegian 13 14 900,-
35 30. Ago - 02. Set-2021 Gardermoen Norwegian 16 14 900,-
36 06-09. Set 2021 Stavanger Norwegian 16 14 900,-
36 07-17. Set 2021 Webinar Norwegian 16 14 900,-
37 13-16. Set 2021 Tønsberg Norwegian 16 14 900,-

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This course can also be completed as a webinar.
Interactive and with an instructor.

Course information

Course name: Electro-contractor examination – exam preparation course
Duration: 4 days
Price: NOK 14 900,-
Language: Norwegian

Guidance and support before the exam
When you have completed the course you should work through old exam questions. You can send your work to Trainor and we will give you feedback on your answers together with tips and suggestions on where you need to improve.

 Comments from participants

"Excellent course. The course book is going to be a big help."

 "Fantastic course! It was well prepared and taught in the best possible way.  The instructor knew his stuff and did a great job. I intend to make the most of the follow-up service so I think this is going to take up a lot of his time, but it will be well appreciated!  Extremely satisfied!"

 "Excellent set up for preparing for the exam. My approach to project preparation has moved from thinking "like a fitter" with a focus on what is practical/profitable, to a higher more comprehensive level with more emphasis on electrical safety. Thumbs up!"

 "This course has given me the confidence boost I needed to believe I can do this! It gave me exactly what I needed, plus a bit more."

 Qualification test

You can take both the qualification test and the actual electrical contractor licence at Trainor. You register for the qualification test at Trainor whereas registration for the Electrical Contractor licence must be done through Energi Norge.


During this course, participants will learn what will be expected of them during the licence exam, including many useful tips on what to focus on. The aim is to provide the best possible preparation for gaining an Electrical Contractor licence.

Target group:

Candidates who are qualified to take the Electrical Contractor licence exam.

The course is also relevant for electrical engineers, fitters, technicians and others who wish to update their skills in this field.

Course subjects:

●   The electrical contractor's roles and responsibilities
●   Understanding the term Electrical Safety
●   Information about the qualification test and the Electrical Contractor licence exam
●   Risk evaluation
●   How to select the best solution
●   Checking the foundation for planning a project
●   Going through old exam papers:
- How to answer questions
- How to express yourself
- How to plan your time
- Documentation such as drawings, sketches, background information, etc.
●   Central regulations:
- The Internal Control Regulations
- The Electrical Safety Regulations (FSE)
- The Electrical Qualifications Regulations (FEK)
- Regulations related to Low-Voltage Installations (FEL)
- Regulations for distribution of power and energy (FEF)
●   Other relevant regulations and norms
- NEK 400
- FM (NEK EN 60204-1)
- FEU (NEK 439)


You need to bring a copy of the norm NEK 400:2018 with you.

You will receive a detailed course manual containing the IK Regulations, FSE, FEK, and relevant technical regulations, as well as relevant excerpts from the Electrical Safety journal Elsikkerhet.

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