Electrical inspections - residential buildings

This course provides what you need to know to carry out electrical inspections in residential buildings in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and norms.

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Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
43 19. Out 2020 Webinar Norwegian 7 4 000,-
49 30. Nov 2020 Gardermoen Norwegian 11 4 000,-

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Course information

Course name: Electrical inspections - residential buildings - NEK 405-2
Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 4 000,-
Language: Norwegian


Course participants learn how to inspect existing installations in residential buildings following the requirements and recommendations in the 405-2 norm. The course also helps candidates prepare for the examination / certification 405-2.

Target group:

Electrical engineers, advisory engineers, administrators and electricians.

Course subjects:

●   Competence requirements for inspection bodies and personnel
●   Fire preventive electrical inspections – residential buildings
- NEK 405-2-1 Requirements concerning personnel, exam qualifications and the certification scheme.
- NEK 405-2-2 Requirements concerning implementation and inspection bodies
●   Laws, regulations and norms applying to electrical installations from 1929 to the present day
●   Knowledge of the minimum requirements for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and testing such equipment
●   Required electrical inspection as stipulated in applicable laws, regulations and norms
●   Zero voltage reference level
●   Working


You may either take the exam 405-2 for residential buildings at your local library after you have completed the course, or on the final day of the course 405-3 Electrical inspections in commercial buildings, if you also take that course. It is taken electronically so please bring your own computer. You will be charged an additional fee for the exam. Please decide in advance whether you intend to take the exam on the last day of the course, and whether you wish to become certified by DNV GL or Nemko. Please send prior notification if you have special needs (for example if you need extra time because of dyslexi).

No aids are permitted when you take the exam.

Before you take the course please follow the links below for specific information on the certification scheme in the individual companies. You will also find registration forms to complete and send to Nemko or Dnv before starting the course.



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