Electrical control agriculture – NEK 405-3 Appendix B

Electrical control agriculture is a preparatory course for the examination in NEK 405-3, Addendum B, and provides information about compulsory tests and information topics required by the norm.

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Course information

Course name: Electrical control agriculture – NEK 405-3 Appendix B
Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 4 500,-
Language: Norwegian


On completing the course, participants will have become familiar with the electrical testing and thermal imaging required in agriculture and how these should be carried out to improve electrical safety and fire safety on farms and in green houses.
Participants will have gained sufficient competence to be able to pass the examination and become certified as a fire prevention electrical controller for agricultural production buildings or green houses.

Target group:

Certified electrical controllers in the industry.

Course subjects:

●   Qualification requirements for becoming certified to conduct electrical testing in agricultural buildings, including temporary arrangements.
●   Background, aims, and results from measures initiated by the Agricultural Fire Prevention Committee within electrical safety and fire safety in agriculture.
●   Basic understanding of specific challenges faced by the use of electrical installations in agriculture.
●   NEK 400 - Agriculture
●   General information about fire risks in agriculture and horticulture, causes and precautions.
●   Fire alarm installations
●   Applicable laws, regulations and branch requirements for electrical testing in agriculture.
●   Requirements to farmers regarding internal control
●   NEK 405-3, Appendix B «Electrical testing in production buildings in agriculture and green house industries».
●   Guidelines for NEK 405-3, Appendix B
- Preventing infection, guidelines for electrical testing in agriculture
- Animal wellbeing and personal safety for electrical testing
- Voltage quality
- Fire alarm systems in agriculture
●   Electrical thermal imaging
●   Calibrating equipment used for electrical testing in agriculture
●   Collecting data and communicating
●   Fire prevention


On the last course date you may take the exam via Nemko or DNV GL. The exam is taken electronically so please bring your own computer. You will be charged an additional fee for the exam. Please decide if you plan to the exam on the last day of the course, and whether you wish to become certified by DNV GL or Nemko. Please send prior notification if you have special needs (for example if you need extra time because of dyslexia).

The following aids are permitted when you take the exam:
• Calculator
• FEB 88
• FEB 91
• All editions of the NEK 400 norm series and the Regulations for electrical low-voltage installations
According to our information, no other aids are currently permitted

Before taking the course please follow the links below for information on the certification scheme in the individual companies. Here you will also find registration forms to fill in and send to Nemko or DNV GL before starting the course.



NB: The exam will only take place if at least 5 candidates are registered to take it. You may also take the exam at some later date at your local public library. This must be arranged directly with Nemko or DNV GL.


In order to be certified in 405-3 Appendix B Agriculture, you must be certified in NEK 405-3 Industry and commerce.

Transition arrangements:
As of 31.12.2020 LBK will require electrical controllers to be certified in NEK 405-1 «Electrical thermography imaging», NEK 405-3 «Electrical control - Industry and commerce» and Appendix B «Electrical control in agricultural buildings and green house industries».

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